With my art I set my intention to discover my unique essential nature by being creative in the space between thoughts while helping others discover their pure potential.

 In our world, nature lives with effortless ease embracing its surroundings, adapting and evolving as environments change. Together, in harmony Nature loves and moves on.

Cornish raised, state-educated, global business wise and South West London living celebrate my creativity through fusion. Combined with a sense of curiosity, wonder, community spirit and justice brings wisdom, balance, compassion, heart and fun to my art.

The depth of engagement combines the personal energies of the viewer, the painting and myself. Feelings vary and can range from colourful appreciation to surprise, thoughtful to inspirational or playful to magical. Maybe the Cornish Pixie’s magic comes through giving deep inner profound insights. My intention is that every viewer gains something on their journey to discover their pure potential and their own unique nature.  ENJOY.


I am Jan Stevens, a self taught artist and member of the National Acrylic Painters Association. I have a computer science degree plus qualifications in photography and garden design. I delight in expanding my experience by working with fellow artists and college tutors from institutions such as Christies and West Dean College and the West London Artists Group.

My first love is water based painting of abstracts. My contemporary paintings are inspired by my  life’s experiences, nature, space, fun and everyday simplicity in our World.

Every viewer’s experience and emotions can be different depending on their perception of the colours and shapes.  I wish viewers to arrive at their own interpretation.  I love exploring the new and unusual, while enjoying the traditional and familiar.

I intend to produce and show paintings that through the viewers enjoyment inspires us all to consider alternatives, ask questions and arrive at new ideas that result in appreciation of all things, views and people in this World.  I hopes these  new ideas can create a way of living an effortless and happier life for everyone.

My paintings are on paper or canvas with acrylic or watercolour paints. I can work on several paintings at the same time, once I discover a style that fascinates me. With intentions of appreciation and happiness, I allow the paintings to take on a life of its own. Applying paint with brushes, rollers, pouring or spraying it on,  the first application is often applied in an wide sweeping easy movement. Once dry, the finer focused details are added often with rigger brushes. Tape and credit cards are used to get a sharp edge if required.

I aim to give and support the art world including other artists,  charities, galleries and museums.