Jan Stevens is a self taught artist with qualifications in photography and garden design. She delights in expanding her experience working with fellow artists and college tutors from institutions such as Christies and West Dean College.

Her first love is water based painting of abstracts. Her contemporary paintings are inspired by nature, space, perspectives, views and everyday simplicity in our World.

Every viewer’s experience and emotions can be different depending on their perception of the colours and shapes.  She invites the viewer to arrive at their own interpretation.  She thrives on exploring the new and unusual, while enjoying the traditional and familiar.

Viewing art involves three components, the viewers world, my world and the painting. Each one adds personal energy and experience to the outcome. The result can be anything from an outer surface level of visual appreciation to a deep inner profound insight. The choice is ours.

Her intention is to produce and show paintings that through the viewers enjoyment inspires us all to consider alternatives, ask questions and arrive at new ideas that result in appreciation of all things, views and people in this World.  She hopes these  new ideas can create a way of living an effortless and happier life for everyone.

Her paintings are on paper and canvas made with acrylic or watercolour paints. She can works on several paintings at the same time, once she has discovered a style that engages her. Setting an intention of appreciation and happiness, she allows the paintings to take on a life of its own. Applying paint with brushes, rollers or spraying it on,  the first application is often applied in an wide sweeping easy movement. Once dry, the finer focused details are added often with rigger brushes. Tape is used to get a sharp edge if required.

Jan aims to give and support the art world including charities, galleries and museums.