Q?What exhibitions do you enter?

There are some wonderful organisations encouraging artists and I enjoy supporting as many as I can by entering one or more paintings.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – got to be in it to win it.

Parker Harris web site is a good source, and introduced me to ING Discerning Eye

The Artist magazine has adverts for several open exhibitions including The London Group

Battersea Power Station – art station has accepted me for their show 25 to 27 September 2015



Q?What influences your art?

The World around me. Patterns in nature. Everything from the reflection of a rake in still water to make it look like crocodile teeth, to looking down onto the lights spanning Surrey from Richmond Hill. I am intrigued by energy, space, stillness and how our energy effects everything around us. My energy goes into my paintings. I wonder how it effects the people who view it.

Q?Have you any art qualifications?

I studied City in Guilds photography and then gained a Garden Design and Horiculture Diploma. This has influenced my ability to see simplicity, perspective, space, tone and the main point of interest in a scene or object.

Q?Have you always painted?

I loved painting and making things  when I was a child but followed a business career before going back to rediscovering my love of creating space and depth with colour through painting.

Q?Which artists inspire you?

I love Mondrian with his white backgrounds, black lines and blocks of red, yellow and blue primary colours. Rothko’s paintings  have always intrigued me with their simplicity and minimal colour blocks.  So many more that I continue to discover by being a member of the Tate. I do like a living artist, David Wiseman who uses so many colours in his paintings to great effect.