Grateful Clients

‘This painting jumped out at me when I saw it hanging in the Bowman gallery. The river view of Richmond is an unusual perspective with a beautiful combination of colours. The thoughts behind the painting and the memories it evokes make it an
image to treasure even if we will one day move on from here.’ Miriam, Richmond
Richmond Riches 1 ©JanStevens 2013

‘I love your modern interpretation of this very iconic Richmond view’.     Margaret Ayling, Hampton Hill   The View 1©JanStevens 2013

Green Space – RMSGC

Jeff:  “Our landscape is realistic enough that we can relive the feeling we get after a great tee shot or fabulous birdie putt, yet abstract enough to make us forget that it took four shots to get out of the bunker on the 17th hole.”

Anne: “My husband and I commissioned Jan to paint a landscape of the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Course, one of our favourite corners of Richmond.  With simple, clean lines and bright colours, Jan reveals the essential elements of the course, its landmarks and inhabitants with clarity and a positive outlook.  We are delighted to be able to experience the course through Jan’s eyes.”  West London