Painting Colours

Please note actual colours of the original paintings may vary slightly from the photograph on this web site. 

Contact Jan Stevens 07703 459343 with any queries


BUYING PAINTINGS or ART COMMISSIONS  Please contact Jan Stevens 07703 459343

More Services   1. Home Approval   2. Art Commissions       3. See and Buy Paintings     4. Framing Services

1. HOME APPROVAL – A selection of paintings can be bought to your home, with no obligation to buy.


CHOICES for a single painting

Say to yourself ‘I want to See in my Art…’

  1. Similar Painting – Choose from my web site the style wanted for the painting
  2. Open minded – ‘I feel good when ….’ and leave it to artist to design
  3. My Experiential Art – the client adds their mark on the ‘finished’ painting

CHOICES for a collection of paintings

  1. Choose from above, all to be done in same style ( see above 1,2,3)
  2. All art is done on the same size canvas or paper
  3. All work framed the same


1 Hour consultation in the artist’s studio during which discussions establish a description of the art , size and medium of art, completion time, payment schedule and terms, no. of meetings with artist, delivery of finished painting, reference agreements.

Client to consider the following questions in advance

  1. What paintings they like on my web site?
  2. What do they want to see in the art the artist creates for them?
  3. What do they want from the artist?

Standard Payment Terms

30% non refundable on order, 70% on delivery for completion within 3 months, part payments negotiable  if longer completion dates agreed or collections are being produced.

Reference Agreement could include being on the artists websites, social media sites like facebook; other marketing materials. Ideally a ‘quote from client’ and a photo of the finished paintings to be shown.

First step – call or email her with a brief description of your requirements, including size  and any colour preferences  if relevant.