Jan Stevens

Elected member of NAPA (National Acrylics Painters Association)
Contemporary Abstract Artist

How can anyone enjoy abstract art? My advice, choose one you love and share what you see with others.
I love movement, fun, super surprises and spontaneity. With my abstract art, I aim to embrace the current trend towards play and being in the moment. 
My early life experiences are incorporated in my art inspired by a love of river and costal water landscapes, a quality-loving creative mother and a mathematical fun father. Cornish raised, state-degree-educated, global business wise and South West London living celebrate my creativity through fusion. Combined with a sense of curiosity, wonder, community spirit and justice brings wisdom, balance, compassion, heart and fun to my art.
Inspiration comes from green and blue spaces, golf courses, costal landscapes and everyday life. I enjoy painting mixing greens and using a variety of blues. Each painting creates movement through speedily applied shapes which when combined with solid shapes represents moments of stillness and clarity in the ever changing unpredictable world we live in.

Working in the Studio

Currently my art reflects water movement both in painting technique and abstract representation. The movement of waves, net and ribbon shapes connect the solid circles, which provide a resting place to contemplate the next step. I want to create engaging conversation and connections to inspire confident fun ideas and new perspectives sharing views together. Uncertainty and certainty in the same painting. Creative organic thinking and focused sharp linear thinking giving balance in the finished art.

I enjoy making art with water based paints, preferably acrylic paint for its range of consistency. I love the challenge of wet-on-wet pouring technique creating the unpredictable. lt finds its own way to settle where it wants. The next layers are built with washes and deliberate brushing in solid shapes to give depth and can create a floating sensation.

I studied City in Guilds photography and then gained a Garden Design and Horiculture Diploma. This has influenced my ability to see simplicity, perspective, space, tone and the main point of interest in a scene or object.

With experimentation I discovered a method to pour acrylic, the wet-on-wet technique. I brush on clear water shapes then move swiftly to drop on diluted acrylic paints into the shape. For me, using the right pot and paint consistency has been an acquired knowledge and confidence. Like a good chef, I carefully prepare all my ingredients in advance, each colour in a separate pot. I choose colours straight from the tube or blend two or more together, so the colours may stay separate or combine as they dry on the canvas. Colours and shapes are inspired by nature’s beauty in our world and everyday objects like tree bark, raspberries or matches.

Making my Mark

My paintings are on paper or canvas with acrylic or watercolour paints. I can make my marks on several paintings at the same time, once I discover a style that fascinates me. With playfulness in mind, I allow the paintings to take on a life of its own. Applying paint with brushes, rollers or pouring. The first application is often applied in a wide sweeping easy movement. Once dry, the finer focused details are added with a variety of different brushes. Tape and credit cards are used to get a sharp edge if required.

Supporting the Arts

I aim to give and support the art world including other artists, charities, galleries and museums. For more information see Giving to the Arts.


Selected for Exhibitions from 2014 to 2024 at Orleans Gallery, NAPA Annual Shows and Water Street Gallery, Todmorden

My paintings are in UK private collections

Selected Group Exhibitions


March 2019  Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary at Bankside Gallery, London SE1 9JH

Since 2016 NAPA Annual Show 

Since 2017 with ARTS Richmond

Since June 2019,  Bedford Park Festive, London

2015 Battersea Arts Centre, London SW11 5TN

2015 Open Studios Richmond
2014 Drawn to Abstraction at Orleans House Gallery TW1 3DJ

2014 Landmark Arts Centre Teddington

Final Curiosity - Things You may want to Know

Jan appeared in BBC1 Going Back Giving Back episode 5, last shown in 2019